Friday, May 17, 2013

Spread the Word!

Yes, indeedie! Plans are underway to spread the word:

National Doll Day – celebrate the first Sunday in August!

On Saturday, July 13th, the “girls” will be in the Spring Ho Grand Parade!
Parade starts at 11:00

Located in Lampasas, Texas, this year the annual SpringHo Festival runs from July 8th through the 14th. Every day and/or night, the event hosts a variety of family oriented fun-filled activities!


Our to-do list before Parade day:

1)  Decorate wagon
                        The Spring Ho theme this year:
“Saddles, Spurs, & Springs – It’s a Texas Thing”

            Would love to borrow a child size saddle…. Just sayin!

2)  Of course, the “girls” need all new outfits!
A couple of new Cowboy hats and Cowboy boots arrived in the mail
 – need something extra special to wear with them!!!

3)  Create a canopy and banner for the wagon, so everyone will know it is for

4)  Practice walking/pulling/riding/waving/standing (which means secure doll stands!)

I’m sure 5 through 10 are out there, just can’t think of them now!

Will you help spread the word?

 National Doll Day – celebrate the first Sunday in August!