Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spring Ho Grand Parade - Done!

After all the preparations – decorating the wagon, making signs, creating new clothes, and practicing waves – the “girls” and I had a fabulous time participating in the 2013 Spring Ho Grand Parade!

I previously shared most of the individual dolly clothes a while back. Click here to see them!

Our wagon placed second in the “non-float” category! Isn’t that fabulous!?!

I found it so heartwarming to see the facial expressions (on little and big people, too) along the parade route as “we” passed by. Most heard my shouts:

 “National Doll Day, First Sunday in August”

It took my breath away at times, pulling the wagon in almost 100 degree weather and shouting the words! But, I did it!

A bunch of folks – at least in Lampasas, Texas – now know the time for celebrating is coming up soon!

Although, celebrating dolls is a daily event, the special time is the FIRST Sunday in August! Will you have a special celebration that day? You’re invited to a virtual Tea Party!


Friday, July 5, 2013

Virtual Tea Party - You're Invited!

When: First Sunday in August - August 4, 2013
Where: Anywhere ~ Everywhere!

Gather your dolls and family and friends, and celebrate!

I’ve explored the web in search of invitation ideas, recipes, decorations, and freebies to share and get the juices flowing for your celebration! I’ve envisioned a tea party with lots of hats, lace, and white gloves. If this isn’t your cup of tea (excuse the pun), I’m certain you can easily modify the ideas to complete your themed gathering!

What about an ice cream social?!
What about a luau?!

Please leave a comment where/when you can on the websites/blogs,
let the folks know you appreciate their contribution!

Invitation ideas:

            Printable Party Kits
                          I thought this one was sweet... 

For online invitations, check out Punchbowl


            What would a Tea be without scones?! I found a “StuffedVanilla Pear Jam Scones” that looked amazingly scrumptious! If you've never tried scones... Flour on my Face has step-by-step directions (with pictures)!

            Southern Tea Cakes are perfect for a Tea Party!

            How could this be anything but fabulous? Two great tastes in one cupcake: strawberries and cheesecake! Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

            Miniature Pies from Doll House Bake Shoppe!


Make it as simple or elaborate as you wish!

Some balloons, hopefully some fresh flowers, bows on chairs, and a tablecloth… or, 

            I found Celebrations at home offers lovely Tea Party Ideas!

            I went to Pinterest, created the board “Tea Parties” then did a search for ideas to share with you! Okay. I had to limit my time on Pinterest. If you’re not on Pinterest you won’t “get it” but trust me… the timer is your bff, otherwise the day will slip by unawares! I'll add more, so check back often!

             What about creating some Paper Flowers? You will find 38 different flowers to create (links to the blogs that give the instructions)!


Everyone certainly needs a hat for a tea party!

These say “Easter Bonnets,” but would work nicely for a floppy Tea Hat! How fun!

Floral Party Hats would also be cute!

Tea Cups:

Do you need child and/or doll size tea cups? The Queen’s Treasures has quite a selection of fine china! This one is my favorite of the lot:

I did a search on eBay for “American Girl Doll tea cups” and found some! In fact, I bought a set for my doll Tea Party! They are a bit more casual than I had envisioned, but I’m flexible!

It's Party Time…

I hope I’ve given you some ideas to create your own doll tea party! I would love to hear what you did! Please, feel free to post your pictures to our Facebook page dedicated to National Doll Day!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fashion Show

Please forgive the advertising, but I wanted to share the first video I created featuring my dollies! When time permits, and possibly as the summer temps get higher and I'll be indoors more, I will have time to create a "moving" video. I've seen one on youtube, but can't find it now!

If you happen to come across the "walking" video (you'll know what I mean when you see it!), please share the link!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On Schedule for the Parade!

Yes! The Spring Ho Grand Parade is coming up soon! We are excited! I'm doing it to promote National Doll Day, the 1st Sunday in August!

 Outfits for the 18" girls are ready!






Only one more to go ... for sweet Bitty Baby, Wendy!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Spread the Word!

Yes, indeedie! Plans are underway to spread the word:

National Doll Day – celebrate the first Sunday in August!

On Saturday, July 13th, the “girls” will be in the Spring Ho Grand Parade!
Parade starts at 11:00

Located in Lampasas, Texas, this year the annual SpringHo Festival runs from July 8th through the 14th. Every day and/or night, the event hosts a variety of family oriented fun-filled activities!


Our to-do list before Parade day:

1)  Decorate wagon
                        The Spring Ho theme this year:
“Saddles, Spurs, & Springs – It’s a Texas Thing”

            Would love to borrow a child size saddle…. Just sayin!

2)  Of course, the “girls” need all new outfits!
A couple of new Cowboy hats and Cowboy boots arrived in the mail
 – need something extra special to wear with them!!!

3)  Create a canopy and banner for the wagon, so everyone will know it is for

4)  Practice walking/pulling/riding/waving/standing (which means secure doll stands!)

I’m sure 5 through 10 are out there, just can’t think of them now!

Will you help spread the word?

 National Doll Day – celebrate the first Sunday in August!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

So So sorry I failed to pop in and wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas! It's already a week into Twenty13 and I've also failed miserably to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

But, it's never too late... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My girls loved helping with the decorations...

I happened across this youtube video and was wondering where I could share! I thought maybe you all might like to do this as well for your dolls! (My bad, I also wanted to know where to find it again next November or early December!)

Isn't this clever!

Please, share a picture of your creation over on the National Doll Day's facebook page!