Sunday, August 7, 2011

Today's the Day!

The first annual National Doll Day has finally arrived! If you've ever played with a doll, or have had a little one in your life play with dolls, join the celebration!

It's a good day to de-stress and just play! If you don't have a doll now, make one! Paper Dolls count! Or, maybe simply reflect on all the great memories dolls brought you over the years. I encourage you to spend some time today remembering the joy you received while playing with a favorite doll, or giving one to a special person in your life.

Share a story in the comments. Share a picture on the National Doll Day Facebook page!

There are numerous links on the Internet for free printable Paper Dolls. If you have a color printer & paper & scissors, you're good to go!
At Making Friends they have Multicultural Paper Dolls! Or, here.

Lucinda Cunningham Durbin's design
I've enjoyed Lucinda's designs. Her current one is "Buddy" and she has an archive chalked-full of paper dolls!

And, my most favorite collection is from Patty Reed. This is just one!

Patty Reed's design

What can you do with paper dolls? Scrapbook, create greeting cards, gift tags .... wonder what else?

If you're interested, I found an article ~ A History of Dolls ~ worth sharing! It's amazing... after all these years, Dolls now have their own special Day!

Whatever you do, celebrate the day!

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