Monday, June 13, 2011

Fostering Imagination

Dressing up as Mommie was so much fun! I loved the way my mother would let me wear her jewelry and high-heels, hat and blouse tied up with a decorative belt. This, my new dress – a grown-up dress – was perfect to wear when I took my baby out “shopping” in what was really the living room. Oh, my. She always encouraged my cousin (two years younger) and I to fill our minds with imaginary worlds. Except, of course, when we got into her red lipstick!

Anyhoo… I remember hours and hours of cooking, cleaning, changing my baby’s clothes, rearranging and stacking her clothes and toys, telling her bedtime stories before I learned to read, and most importantly, loving my baby doll. I know now, this time of my life attempted to prepare me for the real world.

It’s fun to reflect on all the role-playing I did. I remember many times Mother would create a tent with a large sheet over the kitchen table or a few chairs – something to make my own little house. Bless her heart. It was usually constructed within our small kitchen. But, Mother knew how important it was for me to have my privacy. It was there I imagined my own perfect world.

Did you play “house” and/or “Mommie” with your dolls?

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