Friday, June 24, 2011

Long Shot

When writing “Favorite Dolls” a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned one was Chatty Cathy’s little brother. He was the only “boy” doll I ever had and I named him Willie. But, I lost him within that first year. I found this picture on e-bay and included in the post:

Well, I decided to adopt him and won the auction! I asked the seller if she was the original owner and learned she was not. So….! I’d like to think he’s mine. Long lost and now back in my arms again! It’s a long shot, but who knows!

I had to make him something new to wear, fitting for a Texan! A typical boy, he can’t keep his shirt tucked in nicely!

He's handsome anyway!

Have you reclaimed a childhood favorite doll? With e-bay, chances are, you can!

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